The Saboteurs

The current home of Barack Hussein Obama at 2446 Belmont Rd NW, Washington,DC 20008. It is a beautiful place and in no way resembles the evil that dwells within! The man who had a unique opportunity to bring great change for the people of color in America. Chose to betray those people. To cause more division between the races than anyone could have predicted. If there is any doubt in your mind, that this man doesn’t represent the true nature of the black race. You haven’t done your homework. There are many people of color that have contributed to what I believe is the greatness of the real America!

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America In Name Only

We still call it America but it is not your fathers America. For many of us it is not the America you grew up in either! Without a doubt the evil that is running America now is the same organizations that have been controlling the country for over two hundred years. But the evil one were living under the radar until about the last fifty years. Now they don’t care if we know who they are because they are sure we can’t stop them now. The offenders are not all politicians but media, lawyers, doctors and on and on. Anyone with a criminally insane mind that is able to see greed as anything but a sin. These people are our leaders and the society reflects quite absolutely the characteristics of those leaders. So we see that the seeds you plant will give us exactly what we have planted. Yet we never learn and the cycle continues on the downward spiral, year after year.

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Who Is A Real Jew?

What we see in Babylon, at the tower of Babel is the start of One World Government on the earth. King Nimrod believed that God might try to wipe out the evil in the earth with another flood. So he built a tower to make a statement directly to God. Nimrod believed he was able to kill God. There are people living on the earth today, that are foolish enough to believe the same thing today!

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The problems in the American government is quite simple. The problem isn’t the current President, (Donald J Trump). The problem is the Globalists and the voters that keep sending them back to the House and the Senate. The voters sent President Trump to DC, to get America back on the track that made it a nation of the people. The Globalist said, “Oh Hell No”! Now it is up to the sane voters to finish the job by giving the President a Congress full of real Americans. The traitors among us have almost destroyed the greatest nation to ever be on the earth. They will not stop until that enslave the whole earth! The two political parties have both been taken over by the evil self-appointed elite. The bloodlines of these people tie them all together and is easily traced back to the ancient times.

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Choices Have Eternal Consequences!


The Bible tells us that we shall see a great deception in the last days! I believe that we are, in fact in those last days. Most of the persons living today, don’t even believe in God. That is sad but our leaders have purposely caused this to be true. They wanted to change America into a communist/fascism form of government. They have almost completed that process!

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