Can You Hear Me Now!!!

How many times do true Americans have to speak for the Globalists to hear them. We believe the issue of who America is. Was settled by Real Americans, like Judge Roy Moore! Thanks Alabama, USA for repeating our message!!!! There is a plan “B” but we would like to not have to go there, ever again. If you don’t like the America established in 1776, just go somewhere you like. A free America belongs to us and we are prepared to fight to keep it! America was established on a Biblical Foundation, with a gun. You who want communism are going to have to bleed a little if you want to take it.

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America Is Its People!

America is its people, the flag represents those people! When you show disrespect for the flag, you spit in the face of the Americans who live here. The freedom to pursue your dreams are guarantee your right to do that. You are not  guaranteed that your results will be the same as someone else. We all have dreams of what we hope to accomplish during our lifetime and/or career. But in America we see that we generally achieve based on the effort we put into the effort. Yes health and circumstances do have an effect on many things. But it is clear that in America the ability to be a success is largely in the hands of the person who is determined not to fail.

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The End of The World

The end of the world, as predicted by most fake Christians is not in the Bible! We are told in the Bible of a time when the earth will be renovated by fire. But those who say it will happen soon, did not get it from the Holy Bible! The Bible says that Jesus will rule this world for a thousand years. If that is truth, and it is, the predictions of the end of the world during the twenty first century didn’t come from God! Isaiah 9: 6 thru 7 and Revelation 20:1 thru 15. Is the short version of the truth, however the is a lot of details that tell us of a new heaven and new earth. If you really care about the truth, don’t believe the lies you have been told. Study and the truth will become clear to you,

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Single Payer Healthcare

communist ideology

 The Next LifeSingle payer healthcare is a system where the government takes money from everyone who has any and then allows you to get the worst care possible . The government pays for nothing, it has no money that it didn’t steal from those who earned it. Only people with no pride would bow to a communist system of government and then thank them for screwing them! Those who cannot work are already provided for in America. Those who choose not to work don’t deserve help. A statement we hear frequently hear today. The jobs the immigrants do are the jobs Americans don’t want. If that is factual, then that is exactly what the problem is!

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