America Is Its People!

America is its people, the flag represents those people! When you show disrespect for the flag, you spit in the face of the Americans who live here. The freedom to pursue your dreams are guarantee your right to do that. You are not  guaranteed that your results will be the same as someone else. We all have dreams of what we hope to accomplish during our lifetime and/or career. But in America we see that we generally achieve based on the effort we put into the effort. Yes health and circumstances do have an effect on many things. But it is clear that in America the ability to be a success is largely in the hands of the person who is determined not to fail.

But when we have athlete’s that accomplish more than another athlete in the same career position. Then one of the two athlete’s appears to be jealous and blames his achievement on race or color. We have a situation where we must believe he has not achieved because he lacked the determination to excel as the other athlete had. Now he blames the culture and the people rather than his own failure! The fact that one of the athlete’s chooses to believe that a whole country is at fault. This shows clearly why he has not lived up to his potential.

Barrack and Atty Gen Holder

There is another black man who has the same attitude, even though he was honored by achieving the highest office in the land. The people of the country voted him to a position that was well above what he deserved. Even today he continues to show his distain for the very people who honored him with their vote. He makes alliances with a devil like George Soros trying to over through another duly elected person who has more achievements in life than him. Jealousy is a thief and a robber and actually takes more from the person who has it than it does from the one it is being ridiculed. We who have lived long enough to remember from the forties all the way today. We know how God has bless a nation that has long since turned away from being thankful to being a nation that loves something free. Yet hating the very people who have loved them!

America is finished precisely because of the shunning of God. When a country turns it’s back on the God who created and owns all things, that nation is doomed! The people who want to kill America need but to look at Cuba to see the results of what they fight for!


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