Black Budget

Black Budget Projects in our government is the main reason we can’t fix our roads and bridges! We are awash in debt because the politicians we elected have betrayed us at every turn. They are the evil among us that live like kings and queens while we just get by. They are a part of the shadow government that plans to eliminate us after they complete their program for One World Government. Most of us know it as the New World Order! Billions of dollars of our taxes go for projects that none of us know about or have ever approved.

Because of these projects we will soon get a great deception message about aliens who seeded us here. The lie about some god who created us is now exposed and we can now move on to greatness without that lie holding us back. If we read between the lines when people like Sen Dianne Feinstein, Clinton, Schumer and Obama. Will tell us we are deeply engrained with such doctrine. One thing we can be sure of is that we shall not see them in paradise. They are the children of Lucifer himself! Committing crimes daily and then bringing judgment against those of us who try to show them how to avoid hell.

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