Can You Hear Me Now!!!

How many times do true Americans have to speak for the Globalists to hear them. We believe the issue of who America is. Was settled by Real Americans, like Judge Roy Moore! Thanks Alabama, USA for repeating our message!!!! There is a plan “B” but we would like to not have to go there, ever again. If you don’t like the America established in 1776, just go somewhere you like. A free America belongs to us and we are prepared to fight to keep it! America was established on a Biblical Foundation, with a gun. You who want communism are going to have to bleed a little if you want to take it.

When any form of communism threatens our country, we have a duty to God and our children to defend it. All colors and creeds are part of us as Americans. You cease to be part of us when you offend us by offending God and our countries values. Our flag does not represent Socialist values. It clearly doesn’t represent the what you are trying to do to the country that has promoted freedom all over the world! Yes I know that we Americans have been miss represented by the people. Sent in good faith, to represent us, who are instead betraying us daily.

The word of God tells us that you will overpower His followers at some point in time. But that He will then His son, Jesus Christ, to set things back in order. Once and forever we will reign with Christ, who will rule with a rod of iron. It is your future that you throw away, ours is certain. Come to think of it He promised that the future of the unbeliever is also certain destruction! Everyone is free to choose their future, be wise when you choose.

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