Backdoor Attack On The Constitution!

There is this pesky little thing called the Constitution! I know the Globalists, (Traitors), who want to see the Constitution go away. It is so much easier to steal everything one has, without the Constitution. That is exactly why the traitors in America are working hard to destroy the cornerstone of our Republic (that’s right America is not a Democracy)!!! The liars have been working on selling Democracy for years. There is nothing so low down that they will not do to enslave the entire world! The genocide that they have planned and worked for is very near to being reality. The press for immorality is almost within their reach. When they believe they will be able to prevent the judgment of God. But God stands in the middle of the road of eternity and will have the last word!

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At War With God!

How long will it be until the Globalists actually have the courage or stupidity to reveal the real truth behind their efforts. They are at war with God, Jesus didn’t pick a Politically Correct group of Disciples! No women, no people of color, was He a bigot?

Objecting to the conduct of the person who sets the bar for all things for all time! Yes it will happen, they will try to denigrate the character of the very person that loves all of creation. Loved it to the point where He gave His life for every being ever created by Him.

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The Path We Are On!

We are on a path that was chosen thousands of years ago. Progressivism, Socialism, Communism and Luciferianism! Lucifer started it all in the Garden of Eden but the whole thing didn’t come into focus until Nimrod and the Tower of Babel. The game has been tweaked many times, but the goal has always been the same! Lucifer has always believed that he should and could be the ruler of the universe. There is no end of the list of people who share the same goals. Most willingly giving themselves over to all of the demands of Lucifer, to get to their desired goal.

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Evil Never Satisfied!

God knew from the very beginning that the evil among us multiply faster than rabbits, They are never satisfied if they see a good person is still alive! That is exactly why He promised to send His son to rule and reign on earth forever. Man is not capable of governing, greed and jealously always carries the day. Even the very elite will finally notice there is someone not as evil as I. Then devise a plan to eat their own. The price of evil is never to high for them. Don’t believe it, just look around. They always find someone to throw under the bus!

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Black Budget

Black Budget Projects in our government is the main reason we can’t fix our roads and bridges! We are awash in debt because the politicians we elected have betrayed us at every turn. They are the evil among us that live like kings and queens while we just get by. They are a part of the shadow government that plans to eliminate us after they complete their program for One World Government. Most of us know it as the New World Order! Billions of dollars of our taxes go for projects that none of us know about or have ever approved.

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