Evil Never Satisfied!

God knew from the very beginning that the evil among us multiply faster than rabbits, They are never satisfied if they see a good person is still alive! That is exactly why He promised to send His son to rule and reign on earth forever. Man is not capable of governing, greed and jealously always carries the day. Even the very elite will finally notice there is someone not as evil as I. Then devise a plan to eat their own. The price of evil is never to high for them. Don’t believe it, just look around. They always find someone to throw under the bus!

The only reason we still enjoy any freedom at all, is the 2nd amendment. When they once get it off the books, then 1st amendment will need to go. We can’t have anyone talking bad about what they intend to do. But I do have a solution for those who say we must change of remove the 2nd amendment. It is a solution that I believe all real Americans can agree upon. Let us pass a law that is not subject to any removal and watering down. The law would actually be very clear and to the point. Anyone suggesting or trying to install One World Government or change our form of government from the Republic it is, by any means. Would be deemed to have committed treason and would be hung on the front steps of the Capital Building. No appeals or other forms of denying justice allowed! If it can be proven, we get justice within thirty days!

Now I know that many will say it is too harsh. Well is it more harsh than the suggestion put forward by the Globalists who plan to kill mi;;ions just because they want population reduction??? Don’t try to tell me they don’t exist, I can give you a whole page of quotes and the names of who said it. Their plans are simple and they are well on the way to completing it. That is why we see all of the stone walling in Congress. Not allowing President Trump from doing anything that may cause them to be forced to change the timeline. To put forward the one we Christians call the antichrist! We know it will happen because the Bible says it will. But God also says He will meet them at their waterloo!

Now lets get real, 100 % of Democrats and 85 % of Republicans, in Congress are firmly entrenched in a Shadow Government movement. Their intent is to remove freedom from the earth. These people are followers of Lucifer. This is a occult movement that has existed for thousands of years. America was founded and then infiltrated by the workers of Lucifer.  The Bible says they will succeed and then God shall send His son to destroy all involved. He shall cast them into Hell and so shall it be!

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